Conquering monsters-dethroning invisible demons one by one

Conquering monsters-dethroning invisible demons one by one
A 32 year battle with a kaleidoscope of mental and physical afflictions. Beat up, worn down and kind of crazy, but determined to experience the brilliance of life.

In spite of all of the obstacles I face, I have never given over to the darkness that hunts me. I have been bloodied and beaten by my “abusers” inside me, but I keep getting back up to go another round. The fact is, I am too pissed to give up. I am also unequivocally curious. I am committed to see this out until the end. It is my life’s work. It is my job to ask, to pry, to wonder, to press, to push, to defy, to overcome…

To conquere the monsters.

Join me as I write down my journey. Maybe, we will uncover a hidden truth along the way, a truth that will dislodge a petrified lie that has come in uninvited, and we will have the pleasure of watching it leave. Now that sounds like an adventure that I want to have.

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