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Chronic Illness Bloggers has enabled me to share some great experiences with my audience that I otherwise would never have been able to do. Julie is excellent to work with and has brought together a real great community of bloggers together. She has brought us an array campaigns to experience and share with our readers. I have vastly enjoyed the experience.

Nikki Albert Blogger,

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Chronic Illness Bloggers is a fabulous network! It makes the experience of chronic illness blogging a less isolated one by connecting people around the globe writing similar blogs. Julie is also fantastic at discussing with relevant brands and creating opportunities for us all to review products that are relevant to our chronic illnesses, which benefits us by introducing us to products, benefits our readers by introducing them too, and benefits the brand by advertising their product to a really relevant group of people and creating reviews they can quote/share elsewhere. A great network that is still in its infancy really, but achieving great things already- I look forward to watching the network grow.

Jessica Blogger,

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Working with Julie through Chronic Illness Bloggers and connecting with fellow bloggers with chronic illness has been a tremendous asset, not only my blog but for me personally as well. The group is amazing and Julie has given us the opportunity to work with companies that provide great products and services for people with health issues. I am so grateful.

Sue Vickers Blogger,

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Working with Julie and The Chronic Illness Bloggers has been a wonderful experience and I've learnt so much already. The network is caring and supportive, and Julie is professional and all anyone could ask for in a partnership. I'm excited to work again with her and the network in future!

Alisha Blogger,

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I have had so many wonderful opportunities to review some wonderful things.Products and aids that I would not have heard of before but now they are an essential part of my management of chronic illness. What I enjoy most is being part of a team. I love the family unity we have together. I love finding new blogs and broadening my "me too" friends that completely understand all that is involved with being a chronic illness blogger. There is no hierarchies or negativity. Julie who runs the network is so friendly yet efficient it is a pleasure to be part of her team of bloggers.

Ness Blogger,

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I have really enjoyed working with Chronic Illness Bloggers with reviews on products they sent to me. It was nice to spend time on something I had not seen or dealt with before, and look forward to reviewing more products in the future.

Barbara M Blogger,

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I am so grateful for the variety of opportunities that have been sent my way as a result of being included in the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. I never would have known about any of these products if Julie hadn't created this network and reached out to us and the manufacturers of the products; some of them I can truly say I can't imagine how I lived without!

Chelsea Blogger,

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I just joined this blogging network less than a month ago after searching and searching and searching for a blogging network that would fit me and my blog; and for the first time since I started blogging 6 years ago:

-I've been featured on The Mighty, finally something I was trying to do for 6 months. I was sending them 5 posts / pitches / articles a shot and kept being turned down.
- I just received my first e-mail about being picked for my first sponsored post.
- One of the the national foundations for my disability has reached out to me, a place I've already been writing for gave me a raise and told me my views accounted for half their website views thanks to my column.
- And I met so many other great chronic illness bloggers. I feel like this has been because of all of you. So thank you guys.

Brittney, My Life As Brittney

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Julie has set up such an amazing program for those that need Specialty Products. this has been just a wonderful experience for me and I look forward to participating in more campaigns!

Amy O Blogger

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I have really enjoyed working with Chronic Illness Bloggers. I am so glad they contacted me. It has opened many new doors and introduced me to new bloggers.