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A blog on a range of topics including chronic illness and pain, coping strategies, Celeste’s books, and the pain of politics.

When Celeste became too ill to continue a job she loved, she made it her personal goal to write a book. She wanted to continue to help others as a registered nurse and educator. In 2010 her dream became a reality and the first of several books was published, and so was her blog. Celeste has grown as an author and freelance writer, but nothing gives the freedom her blog does.

Celeste shares her opinions and her personal journey. She blogs on chronic pain, fibromyalgia and its overlapping disorders, myofascial pain syndrome, ME/CFS, research, legal issues, and networking for change.

She knows what it’s like to live with autoimmune disease and invisible pain. While healing is not the same as curing, Celeste believes it is important to the journey. The mind and body are one, and the mind has a powerful impact on the body. That’s why she likes to write about all kinds of possibilities and why she shares her poetry and photography, two of her favorite hobbies. Important to her as a nurse and patient is to share information from treatment strategies to the politics of pain. Whatever it might be, she wants others to find diversion from their pain and illness. And, her greatest hope is that her readers will find the confidence to explore new things.

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Adversity is only an obstacle when we fail to see opportunity. In healing, Celeste