When Tania Talks

When Tania Talks
When Tania Talks
Beauty with a focus on allergies & lifestyle with a ficus on living positively with chronic illness & disability.

We’re all a little bit different in our own ways. My blog is a safe place for us to share & celebrate our differences. I try to embrace my differences & encourage others to do the same. Whoever you are, whatever you do, I’m sure you’ll find something here you’ll enjoy. From beauty reviews, hauls & general musings, to my thoughts on fashion, style & accessories, as well as lifestyle posts. Below is a little of what you can expect from my blog…
Since I was a kid, I’ve had a large number of allergies. I wanted to do my own makeup for my wedding so spent a LOT of time reading the ingredients lists of everything, from foundation to lipstick & blusher. From this experience I learnt how difficult it can be for someone with allergies to purchase cosmetics. So I decided to dedicate a section of this blog to helping others in a similar situation to me. I’m keeping a running list of main allergens found in cosmetics & have information about what the term ‘hypoallergenic’ really means.
I aim to provide as much detail as possible about common allergens in products. I am allergic to an ingredient in some lip products & am currently trying to work out what this is. I have made a feature out of this to show you how you can work out allergens through an elimination process.
I have recently been diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Hypermobility Type. I have subluxated (partial dislocation) countless times and have a number of different supports for various parts of my body. I’ve shared posts about my journey of using mobility aids & becoming a wheelchair user. I also have a rare form of migraine, Basilar Type. It started when I was 11 & has never stopped – I go to bed with it & wake up with it! I take lots of medication to keep this under control. Some of the medication I have been on has made me lose weight & others caused me to gain weight. As a result of this I am working on learning to love my body whatever size & shape I am.
I am photosensitive – lighting affects my migraine & is related to my Meares-Irlen Syndrome & Dyslexia. For this reason, I wear precision tinted lenses; at the moment they’re green, but I’ve had other colours too. Hats help me cope when lighting is difficult as is cuts out a lot of what you see in your peripheral vision, so you’ll see them feature quite a bit!
For a long time I was unhappy with my body & didn’t let my inner fashion blogger out. I’ve come through the other side & want to show everyone that whatever size you are &/or physical supports/adaptations you need, you can look amazing!
As you may have gathered, my life is rather different! I want to be able to share snippets of my life so you can get to know me despite my conditions.
In addition to the conditions mentioned above, I also have IBS – a common complaint amongst the EDS community. As well as medication, I am also on the FODMAP diet to reduce my symptoms. I’ve had lots of questions about this recently so am going to start posting some simple & delicious recipes in the hope that it might help others who are trying to manage their symptoms.
I’ll be provide information, help & tips on living with the conditions I have, as well as personal anecdotes & updates. I will also be documenting my process & experience of becoming a parent despite chronic illness.