Only In this Head

Only In this Head
Welcome to my blog Only in this Head! This blog is the personal chronicle, endeavor and cathartic action of one young woman and her journeys through space and time whilst surviving the pains of the genetic disorder Ehler-Danlos Syndrome.
This blog offer unique articles on living with EDS, POTS and a variety of other nonspecific associated conditions. Look forward to product reviews and sponsored posts for products useful to living life to the highest quality despite all the limitations EDS causes.

Howdy! My name is Dawn Marie. Collectively, I’ve lived in cyberspace all my life and feel most at home when accessing the vast collection of resources available to research with the right search query. I like documentaries, YouTube videos, lectures and writing on various subjects such as those listed in my tagline: chronic illness, alchemy, spirituality, theology, philosophy, esoteric science, astrology, psychic abilities, personal development and the list could go on for many lines.

Honestly, I am trying to find myself again… This blog is a part of that process as at 35 years old I am facing the realization these acutely, chronic flares with my health over the last two decades is caused by a rare genetic condition called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and the loss of ability to work as a Registered Nurse after 8 years in practice. I love to write and I need to write because after everything I’ve lost to my illnesses, I must find a purpose to negate my own suffering and maybe help alleviate the suffering of another as well.

In addition to the Ehlers Danlos diagnosis, I am also living with postural tachycardia syndrome, malaborsption syndrome and another underlying problem yet to be diagnosed, but it is looking like MS or Lupus. Not to forget a special shout out to the run of the mill diagnosis people like me receive like anxiety, depression IBS, GERD, ect… Much of my is related to my experience of living with chronic illness (undiagnosed for 20 years).

In relation to my own illness as to my experience in the illness of others, I have 8 years of registered nursing experience under my beltand despite the flares of illness, I pushed myself beyond limits I should have (honestly), became a nurse and excelled in my career until one fateful April Fool’s Day in 2015 when a patient came crashing down on me along with the full effects of stress on the genetic disability underlying. The result of my constant struggle with illness on the nursing management and care I provided during my career reflected competence and compassion. I am proud of that. Nevertheless, my commitment to the patient well-being resulted in several severe injuries, of course made worse by the Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.

Since then, I’ve been unable to work due to the quick progression of my illnesses after the trauma and stress of the injury. In December 2015, I began to be mostly bedridden due to the postural tachycardia effects and further progressing musculoskeletal effects of my injuries and illnesses. In February of 2016, I was officially diagnosed with the malabsorption issue, Ehlers Danlos and postural tachycardia syndrome. I started treatment with medications and physical therapy, specialists (with more being added each month) and a wheelchair since I am unable to stand longer than 30 seconds without passing out. Unfortunately, these treatments have yet to improve my condition and by all scholarly research available this will not get better…nor has it ever.

But here is the thing folks, I am an infinite being and this suffering is time limited. Despite all these challenging experiences, I’ve cultivated a mind that keeps me thoroughly entertained when my body will not allow for physical involvement with the entertaining. I love to share my writings on postulating the universe, theories of consciousness, time, space, matter and antimatter, interdimensional/parallel/alternative universes, aliens/U.F.O/conspiracy, personal development and spiritual alchemy, psychic abilities, quantum physics, esoteric science, astrology, holistic and natural healing, organic allergen free vegan recipes and so much more. So if you’re into unusual things like me, please join my journey and follow this blog because I plan for a section devoted to my off the beaten path interests!

Lastly, but not resulting from any less priority: I have a soulmate lover who has stood by my side to hold me up when I am not strong, make me smile when my heart is sore and understand what it means to be truly loved. I have children who make me proud, touch my heart and teach me about myself. I have a mother and father who love me unconditionally and provide support where and whenever needed. I have brothers and a sister who care deeply about me. I have nieces and nephews that make me smile. I have family that pray for my struggles to end. I have friends who inspire my mind and give me hope when I am down. I am fortunate and grateful for all these things because without them the suffering would overcome me, surely. That being said, this blog includes a family section (under construction) to highlight these beautiful people and moments they create within my experience.

Well, if you’ve reached this point of this About Me post, I feel pretty honored and really hope to share in this journey of life with you. Please like, comment, share and help me reinvent myself a little more everyday 🙂