The Enigma – Wrapped in a DNA Encoded Riddle

Single, empty nester, living with chronic Illness who in 2016 was struck with yet another illness that left the rural Doctors of the small Midwest town she was living stumped. This is her journey through a silent home, a long road trip and clinging to the hope for answers.

“You, young lady, are an anomaly.” , said a Surgeon some years back when, at 26, I had to have my gall bladder removed. Little did any of us know at the time, there was actually nothing wrong with the gall bladder itself, however the bile duct was 2 times as long as it should have been and completely wrapped in a knot minus the bow. The Surgeon later deduced that I had to have been born with it that extra size and only now, after all this time, it finally wound itself into a knot. Strange was not even close to what the family was thinking. As an infant, my small intestine was too wrapped in a knot much like what the Surgeon was describing 26 years later. Recovery from the surgery was difficult and not at all what had been told to expect. What was supposed to be outpatient surgery turned into an overnight stay due to “unstable vitals”. A few days out of work turn into a full week. The day I did return back to work turned into a half day because of breathing problems and pain. I feared I had pneumonia. A call to Doctors office the next morning with my symptoms was enough to have him send me straight to X-ray instead of the office. With the X-rays finally done, the tech said I was free to go home and to expect a call with the next few days. I will admit I did not want to deal with this nagging pain and shortness of breath for a couple more days at all, but dealt with the cards that were handed to me and headed home. No sooner did I walk in the door the phone rang. When I answered, a lady on the other end asked me to hold for the Doctor. The Doctor? I had never received a call like this before, nor had I ever spoken to a Doctor on the phone in the past. I always just spoke with the nurses. With much haste in his voice the Doctor tells me he doesn’t want me to be alarmed. Now, why do they say that? It’s only going to alarm me that you’re telling me not to be alarmed. He continued with he was going to send an ambulance for me. By now, I’m more than alarmed, I’m petrified. What could be happening that I need an ambulance. Finally I found my voice and asked him only … “Why?”. You have a blood clot on your right lung.

That was one of the most shocking medical experiences of my young life. One I have not soon forgotten, out of many after that point.