Hoping to inform, provide pain management tools, and inspire others by sharing what I have learned from my journey with pain 20 plus years. I experience adhesive arachnoiditis, and back and neck pain from 3 failed surgeries and complications, among other diagnoses.

Hi, my name is Deborah. Early in my career as an occupational therapist, I was diagnosed with a L5-S1 herniated disc. Three painful back surgeries and complications (right lower leg and foot paralysis, a fractured back, torn spinal cord, leaking spinal fluid, osteomyelitis, and another Staph. infection) led to being primarily bedridden for 2 years and debilitated for many more. Later diagnoses emerged of myofascial pain syndrome of my back and neck, fibromyalgia, adhesive arachnoiditis of the dural tube (spinal nerves L3 and down are adhered inside to the spinal cord membrane by scar tissue), and celiac, to name a few.

I had to decide if I was going to define my life or allow chronic pain and limitations to define my life. I chose the former. I decided to use my experiences with pain as something to learn from, and this gave me a renewed sense of purpose. Through education, meditation, journaling, I learned that it was not pain that caused fear and rejection of who I now was, it was me. I reclaimed my power and learned to love my body and my Self, limitations and all.

I hope to connect and build with a community in which we show compassion for, inspire, and empower one another.