Hope found in M.E.

Hope found in M.E.
I am a Christian Faith, Hope, Chronic Illness/Spoonie blogger (with severe ME/cfs c.2004). I started writing my blog in 2016 & although I do write about the variety of challenges of life with a Chronic Illness, I do try to keep looking on the brighter side with the help of my faith and sharing encouragement, a variety of creativity, a love of nature and hounds, humour & washi tape!🌸

I’m a Christian Faith, Hope, ME/CFS Chronic Illness/Spoonie blogger and started blogging in 2016. I share on the many aspects of life with the Chronic Illness, ME/cfs. Through the changes it brings, the challenges, relationships, being a parent, adapting, discovering hope, humour, aspects of creativity, and renewed faith.

The thread of my faith runs through out my blogsite, and is what really urged me to start writing. I also touch on my life pre-ill health, when memories present themselves.

I have had ME/cfs – Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, since 2004, on the more severe end of the scale. And have been homebound since onset. I also have BTOS – Bilateral Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, & apparently am one in a million to have that joyous combination!

It’s taken quite a while to be able to start a blog, basically because of the effects ME/cfs has on my cognitive function and capacity. I was unable to use technology for 10 years and for 7 of those years, could barely read. So, I like to think there is always hope.

  • Hope found in M.E.