This Is All Going On

This Is All Going On
I’m Nicole and I blog about how to manage the chaos in life, including chronic pain, anxiety, parenting (twins and other), trying to stay active and healthy, personal growth and the battle to be sugar-free. This Is All Going On doesn’t shy away from the imperfections in life – but rather utilizes them as opportunities for growth.

This Is All Going On is a place to learn strategies to manage the chaos that life throws at us. It’s not about being perfect – it’s about learning from our mistakes and being okay with being human.
Society puts a lot of pressure on us to do it all and have it all and it all has to be perfect. My new struggle with chronic pain has taught my what my life long battle with anxiety couldn’t – it’s okay to do less and be less. It’s okay not to get it right.
My hope is that through sharing my own stories about being a parent of twins with chronic pain and anxiety, I can open a dialogue that will help alleviate the isolation for even just one other person 🙂
Come and join me as I explore the chaos of live – including: chronic pain, anxiety, personal growth, parenting, parenting twins, staying active (despite it all) and the battle to be healthy (which for me, includes being sugar-free).
Welcome to This Is All Going On – I hope you enjoy your stay.