Invisible Not Broken

Invisible Not Broken
We are a weekly podcast and blog interviewing others with chronic illness, invisible illness, and disability with monthly panels on topics that affect the spoonie community. Invisible Not Broken is unapologetically full of life, snark, and humor.

Invisible Not Broken: A Side Of Snark With Your Chronic Illness
We are a podcast that interviews people with chronic and often invisible illnesses along with panel episodes about issues that affect those us with disabilities from service dog etiquette to pain management to life with canes and/or wheelchairs (check out this Friday’s podcast episode on political activism and chronic illness). Most of our shows explore what life with illness from Type 1 diabetes, to depression, to Ehlers Danlos and Fibromyalgia, to severe food allergies to having to keep a chronic illness secret with our Secret Spoonie segment, to endometriosis and EVERYTHING in between and what disabled or chronic life looks like depending on where you are in the world.
We are an adult podcast as we discuss EVERY aspect of disability from sex to politics so if you are concerned or have little people do a listen through first.
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If you would like to be interviewed and highlight your chronic illness or disability please go to our FUTURE GUEST INQUIRY. Please be patient everyone who works here is sick and it might take us some time to get back to you.
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