Crohn’s Disease – Leaving The Seat Down

Crohn’s, The Inflammatory Bowel Disease…. These are the experiences of the Crohnie, Vern… His ongoing mission… To explore strange new bathrooms…. To seek out new toilets and new bidets…. To boldly “GO” where no one has gone before……

I was born in a small town and now live in Surrey, BC, Canada. I have been living with Crohn’s since 1988 after 20 years of rarely even catching a cold. Prior to diagnosis, I was into soccer and was a competitive figure skater, some might say a “rink rat”, winning and placing in several regional competitions.
It took many months, several doctors and even more days and nights of lying in the fetal position on my bed (or the floor) from the intense pain, before I was finally diagnosed properly and I’ve heard them all from, “It’s all in your head” to “It’s just gas”. It was devastating news to fathom, especially when I asked the question, “How do I fix it?” and the doctor replied “Unfortunately there is no cure”.
Since 1988, I have had numerous surgeries, resections, abscesses, fistulas, fissures, kidney stones, obstructions, fatigue, dehydration and many other “minor” complications. I, like many other after diagnosis, went through the “why me?!” phase, followed by the “wtf!!” phase and the “c’mon, really?!” phase.
I’m currently on Imuran and Remicade, I take supplements such as EasyIron, probiotics, Omega 3, B12, Vitamin D and a pre-natal multi Vitamin (easier to digest and absorb) I eat a lot of peanut butter and protein bars and drink enough water each day to double my weight !
Other than the Crohn’s, I’m healthy.
I started painting in 2010 as part of my own ‘art therapy’ to try and take my mind off of the daily blah of Crohn’s. I can put paint to canvas and paint what I feel at that moment in time. Have a look for yourself (I’ve added them to this blog) and at my art blog Artist’s Laine.