One Step at A Time

One Step At A Time is a blog written by a 21 year old who suffers from symptoms of systemic lupus erythematosus. Through her blog, the writer shares personal stories about struggles or overcoming challenges, recipes that follow the AIP diet, and shares her experiences on therapies/products/treatments she tries.

The goal of this site is to reach out and help others who are struggling, as well as bring awareness to autoimmune disease, especially lupus. One Step At A Time is a blog with over 100 followers from those who suffer from Lupus or other illnesses. The blog is written to support, inspire others, but also to connect and learn from them as well. Although the author is young, she tries her best to reach out to audiences of all ages, and makes great efforts to connect with those who follow her. She tries to make living with lupus as easy as she can, and shares the steps of her journey, exciting break throughs and yummy recipes along the way.