Sylk Natural Moisturizing Lubricant

Sylk Natural Moisturizing LubricantWe chose to work with Chronic Illness Bloggers as a way to educate and inform targeted bloggers and their audiences about a topic not as easily discussed and sometimes not even addressed by doctors – vaginal dryness. Engaging with Chronic Illness Bloggers has helped us in our mission to get rid of the “taboo” nature of the topic and truly get to what matters – improving peoples’ lives. It was amazing to see the positive feedback on our product and how it has benefited not only the bloggers but their communities alike. Julie was truly a pleasure to work with and she kept open and honest communication, which is very important when working on a blogging campaign. Thank you, Julie!!

Mariessa Mahfouz October 27, 2016


Julie Ryan

Julie Ryan is a freelance writer and editor. She blogs about living with chronic illness at - She is also a regular contributor to and

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