We created a series of sponsored posts for MedNexus, a medical search engine for patients. Our posts helped them reach the illness audience that they needed in order to increase awareness of their website.



We had a great experience working with Chronic Illness Bloggers. Julie Ryan was very professional and effective at connecting us with the right bloggers. The quality of the sponsored posts we received was excellent, and we will definitely work with them again.    

Nathanael Geman Co-Founder & CEO, MedNexus Sponsored Posts March 24, 2016

Post Examples

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“Following my diagnosis, I also turned to Google to search for information that I hoped would help me to improve my fibromyalgia symptoms. It’s safe to say that there is a lot of great information on the web but finding it can be a problem. Typing into the Google search bar brings up a multitude of websites; some good, others not-so-great and some downright awful. The problem is anyone can set up a website these days and write whatever they like. That means there is a lot of false information on the web. It takes a good dose of common sense and a lot of time to weed through the unreliable websites. However, sometimes it can be tricky to know if a website can be trusted or not. That’s why MedNexus was created.” – Donna Grant of

“But Google isn’t perfect either. For all of its fancy algorithms, my search results were sometimes more of a popularity contest than a trustworthy list of sources. In fact, one of the very reasons that I started this blog was because I was so fed up with the lack of good information on fibromyalgia online.

Enter MedNexus, a medical search engine that’s designed just for us, the patients. MedNexus wades through the mishmash of health-related information online and gives us the most relevant content from trusted sources, such as medical journals, nonprofit organizations, government agencies and patient forums.” – Donna Burch of Fed Up With Fatigue


“One of the biggest problems with Google (or Bing or Yahoo but let’s be real, who uses those?) is that it’s largely unfiltered.  I can see a result that looks legit, only to click on it and find out it’s an unmoderated forum where everyone shares their health horror stories, or a lame blog where a girl thinks she’s so qualified to dole out medical advice just because she has some weird intestinal disease (see what I did there?).

But seriously, if I can just get directed to a source written with some kind of medical authority, it would probably take a lot of the stress out of my self-diagnosis habit.

So, why am I writing this anyway?  Because there’s a solution!  It’s called MedNexus.” – My Beautiful Messy Life


“MedNexus wants to eliminate the rubbish and provide patients with trustworthy information. Through their medical search engine, you can find high-quality health information from a variety of sources including medical journals, patient forums, and government health sites.” –  FibroDaze


“MedNexus is a health search engine that does exactly what you would hope a health search engine would do – give you straight answers to straight questions – no sponsored advertising crowding out the facts, no scary, turn my world upside down results like “Your itchy skin could be skin cancer.” Just type in “Fibromyalgia” and the results will be there before you’ve even finished typing. It’s THAT SIMPLE.” – FibroMen