ProHealthProHealth is a health and wellness website that offers a number of supplements focused on those with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. They asked our network to review their FibroSleep product and share it and a giveaway.


Working with Chronic Illness Bloggers has provided an opportunity for us to connect with outstanding writers in the Fibromyalgia, ME/CFS and chronic illness community. Julie Ryan curated a list of targeted bloggers for our specific campaign, facilitated communication and ensured that everything ran smoothly. We look forward to working with her again on additional projects.

Holly Pacheco, ProHealth FibroSleep June 1, 2016

Post Examples from FibroSleep Campaign

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I started taking the FibroSleep supplement on April 12th and wouldn’t you know I saw a difference within days which, for me, is unbelievable! Unheard of even. I actually thought I felt a little difference the night I started taking them but I couldn’t be certain because I had gotten up early that day. – Eclectic Element


I am totally completely in LOVE with FibroSleep. I cannot describe to you how amazing it feels to be able to almost function like a normal person and NOT have several bad days afterwards. Because day 1 went so well, I decided to give FibroSleep a very very thorough test. How long could I keep pushing my body until it crashed?Today is day 10. I have not needed to take my prescribed muscle relaxer at night since I started FibroSleep. – Porcelain Fibro Mommy


I was really surprised at how well it helped me sleep. I wear a Fitbit and use it to monitor my sleep more than my activity. Looking at the last couple of weeks since I’ve been taking the FibroSleep I can see that the times I’m actually sleeping (instead of restless) are getting longer, and the restless times are getting fewer and further between. – Counting My Spoons