Do you have a blog focused on chronic illness?

Whether you focus on a single chronic illness or your blog aims to help those with any chronic illness, we are here to help you grow and connect.

chronic illness bloggers


You should join Chronic Illness Bloggers if….

  • You blog about living with chronic illness(es)
  • Your blog has been active for at least 3 months
  • You regularly update your blog (at least once per month)
  • You want to grow your blog
  • You want to connect with other chronic illness bloggers
  • You want to connect with potential sponsors to help you monetize your blog
  • You want to connect with products and services that can help you and your readers

There are tons of blogger networks out there, but until now those of us with chronic illness-focused blogs haven’t really had a place where we fit. We may be momies but we aren’t really mommy bloggers. We talk about our lifestyles but we aren’t really lifestyle bloggers. We are definitely health bloggers but our focus isn’t usually fitness. We’ve been forced to try to wedge ourselves into blogger networks where we really don’t fit with other bloggers who don’t really get the unique challenges that face those of us living with chronic illnesses.

How Do You Join Chronic Illness Bloggers?

  1. Complete the application form: The initial application form allows us to make sure that you meet the minimum requirements to join*.
  2. Wait for Approval: We manually review each site that applies to be part of our network. This will take a few days. Once approved you will receive a Welcome email with next steps.
  3. Complete the Blogger Agreement: If you are approved you will be sent a Blogger Agreement to sign and return. This allows us to connect you with the businesses and brands that we work with for sponsored opportunities.
  4. Take Part in Our Community: Become an active part of our blogger community through our Facebook group and social media shares.
  5. Monetize: When you receive opportunities from us that you are interested in, fill out the surveys. If you are selected as a good fit for the opportunity you will be sent a Statement of Work will full details for the individual campaign (including any payment terms, due dates, and other expectations).

Sign Up to Join Chronic Illness Bloggers Now

Are you looking for ways to turn your blog into income? Your Influence Is Value.

Chronic Illness Bloggers understands the unique needs and concerns of our community and we are driven to include YOUR voice in the mainstream marketing conversations. We also want to support your growth as professional influencers.

We know that you aren’t interested in just promoting anything just to make a buck. Our goal is to provide you with targeted opportunities that fit your audience and your interests. You always have the choice in which campaigns you choose to participate in. Questions? Just Ask.

Requirements to Join:

  • Your blog does not have to be focused on your illness, but it must be clear that you have a chronic illness.
  • Blog must be at least 3 months old
  • Blog must be updated regularly (at least monthly)
  • Blog content must be primarily original content (not re-posts)
  • Blog must be well designed and easy to navigate
  • Blog must be written in English
  • There is not a minimum traffic requirement to join. However, sponsored offers are often based on your reach.
  • Other requirements may be added

Sign Up to Join Chronic Illness Bloggers Now

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