Connecting You to the Chronic Illness Community

Are you a business or a blogger?

Connecting Your Business To the Chronic Illness Community

Are you a business seeking to share your product or service with the chronic illness community? Reaching the right market can be difficult. But, Chronic Illness Bloggers can help.   Whether you are seeking to reach the disabled/ chronic illness

Connecting Bloggers to the Chronic Illness Community

Do you have a blog focused on chronic illness? Whether you focus on a single chronic illness or your blog aims to help those with any chronic illness, we are here to help you grow and connect.   You should join

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We had a great experience working with Chronic Illness Bloggers. Julie Ryan was very professional and effective at connecting us with the right bloggers. The quality of the sponsored posts we received was excellent, and we will definitely work with them again.



Nathanael Geman Co-Founder & CEO, MedNexus March 24, 2016

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