Chronic Illness Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs can be a good way to add additional income from your blog. However, simply putting up banners is rarely enough to create any real income. Posting about the products or programs on your blog, and using your mailing list to let your readers know about the various products and promotions will yield better results. Want to learn more about affiliate programs?

Keep in mind that no affiliate program is going to do much for you unless/until you have a good bit of traffic and / or a large mailing list.

Illness-Related Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs by our member bloggers:

Programs and products for those with chronic illness: 


  • N:Rem Sleep Systems N:rem Sleep System is a unique customisable mattress designed for Chronic pain sufferers, now available on a monthly payment plan. Become an N:rem Affiliate and get £30 for each mattress plus your readers get £30 off voucher code!  (product only sold in the UK). Email to sign up.
  • The Able Label (stylish clothing for easy dressing).