N:REM Sleep Systems are customizable mattresses and mattress toppers that allow you to set the right amount of support where you need it. We worked with N:REM through multiple campaigns to connect them with bloggers located in the UK who suffer from chronic pain.

N:rem Sleep Systems

N:rem Sleep SystemsWe are very pleased with our campaign through Chronic Pain bloggers. Julie and all of the bloggers were great to work with. We will hopefully be working closely with them in the future.

Laura Dobson Marketing Manager N:rem topper and tablets October 27, 2016

Post Excerpts:

“The N:Rem Sleep System aims to aid you in getting a better and more comfortable nights sleep by using a variety of different foam mattress toppers/tablets that all have different densities (firm, medium, soft and super soft). They are designed to fit together to fill the full length of a single bed or one side of a double bed (and larger) to create a personalised surface. You can switch the different tablets around to suit you and your body and they even come with some suggestions from N:Rem about how to order them for different problems such as back pain or hip pain. In theory you’d use the softer tablets for painful areas and the firmer tablets for areas where you need a bit more support but you are free to order them however you like to work with your body best.” – Shona Louise

“Since using the N:rem I have noticed a massive improvement in the overall comforting factor of being in bed. I lay there in complete bliss as I fall asleep. When I wake the comfort remains. I no longer look for pillows to place strategically under the arch of my spine or under my leg joint, I have it all in the N;rem.” – The Girl with the Five Lads

“I am sure other people in chronic pain will agree that sleep is the best healing process you can get. I need two hours sleep every afternoon and if I don’t get this I can feel really bad. I always go to ‘bed’ for my rest and close the curtains to help me drift into unconsciousness, but while sleeping on these foam tablets I went into a deep sleep sometimes for 3 – 4 hours. When I woke up I felt completely recharged and energized for the rest of the day and amazingly could still sleep well at night.” – BackPainBlog UK

“My first impressions of the N:rem Sleep System mattress topper was that it was really comfortable, also when I was sitting up in bed which was great as I often found with my normal mattress that I couldn’t sit in the same position for very long without it getting too painful. I was really surprised with how quickly the mattress helped reduce my pelvic pain. Some days, I actually work up with little to no hip pain at all! I was also able to sleep much better in that I was not waking up as much throughout the night due to painsomnia. I believe that one of the things that contributed to this was that the mattress made me feel so warm and cosy. The foam material helped to maintain the best temperature and I slept more soundly as a result. ” – Raiin Monkey

“My back pain has disappeared completely since using the mattress which has made my quality of life a lot better for similar reasons with the neck pain. I no longer need to take pain killers for it and I can do a lot more activities without being in pain which makes them more enjoyable. I have had leg pain once since using this product after doing a lot of walking throughout the day. Usually this lasts throughout the night and I wake up constantly in agony, but with the mattress topper once I was asleep I didn’t wake untill the morning and the pain had gone. This was a god send for me because I am so moody when I have broken sleep.” – Jenna Von