DineSafe AppDineSafe is a mobile app that helps people with food allergies not only find where they can eat but determine what they can eat from the restaurants listed. Our posts helped DineSafe increase awareness of their app to those with food allergies.


DineSafe App

Want to thank you for a great experience in working with Chronic Illness Bloggers. First, it helped me see how others saw our work from the outside in and I found it very validating of all the hard work we have done to get the DineSafe app out there on our own, wondering if it was even worth it sometimes. Reading the blogs about DineSafe and reading up on the bloggers themselves was eye opening and gave me great respect for the chronic illness community as a whole, which strives to make great lemonade out of the lemons they are deal and encourages others to do
so,even with a flare of humor at times:-). Working with Julie was great, I found her very understanding and helpful even when I misunderstood the process. I shared with her our needs and vision and she took care of the rest. I found the blogs brought to light points of view I didn't consider and were all very well done for my taste. The attention from their followers and the community has been great! I find the value of your service above and beyond what I expected. As you can see I can't say enough good things ! 🙂

DineSafe App

Nick Caturano Owner, DineSafe App, http://www.dinesafeapp.com April 3, 2016

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When you first log on to DineSafe to set up an account you have the opportunity to enter information as a restaurant or a user. For restaurants this allows for easy upload of information into the app and the ability to keep their menu up to date.  If you set up your account as a user the first thing you do is enter your allergens and your diet. It’s a quick and easy set up which allows the user to enter their options and move on to the next step. – ChronicMom


A few weeks ago I was introduced to a new app via Twitter – DineSafeApp. Unlike the various apps to help you find gluten-free restaurants, DineSafe actually lets you create a custom menu based on your allergies, so that you know in advance what foods are safe for you.  It doesn’t matter how many allergens you have, and it’s not even just the top 8 allergens, they include over 15 different allergens.  They also include special diets like vegan, Paleo, Organic, and Kosher. It will be so nice to avoid those stupid spreadsheets they give you at some restaurants. – Julie Ryan of Counting My Spoons