FibroCaneFibroCane is a natural treatment protocol for Fibromyalgia. They offered our bloggers samples of their FibroCane Daily and Serenitea in exchange for honest reviews.  10 of our bloggers reviewed the product and shared their experience, increasing awareness of the FibroCane brand and their sales.


Julie has done an outstanding job of identifying, contacting, and cultivating a vast network of thought leaders who understand firsthand the challenges of living with fibromyalgia and other chronic conditions. The valuable connections she makes come from her compassionate understanding for what it means to live with FMS. Accessing Chronic Illness Bloggers network has further validated the positive benefits of the FibroCane supplement protocol which focuses on providing support for those living with the daily struggles of FMS and chronic conditions. Julie's professionalism and ability to follow through on tasks make her an important asset in fostering positive connections. I would not hesitate to partner with Chronic Illness Bloggers on future projects…


Jason Mintz product reviews March 31, 2016

Post Examples:

“I kept feeling on high alert and anxious in the evenings, which was making it very hard to switch off for sleep even though the pain was a bit better by this point. I picked up the Serenitea again and found it helped me to calm down and get into that “I’m ready to sleep” zone. I kept trying it and it kept working and I found the nights I didn’t I would keep faffing about doing things after I was in bed when I would normally be quietly reading and then laying down to sleep.” – Laura Chamberlain


“I have tried other supplements for adrenal and hormonal support that made me feel sick to my stomach. This did not happen with FiboCane Daily. Within the first week of taking FibroCane Daily, I felt like I had more energy. I have been taking it for three weeks now and I feel better than I have in a long time. I am experiencing less fatigue and have more energy throughout the day. So for me, FibroCane Daily is a keeper.” – Sue Vickers, FibroDaze


“To say I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement. I loved it! You let this tea steep for about 10 minutes (which my husband, the connoisseur, says is quite a bit longer than other teas). But you are left with a warm cup of soothing goodness. I grabbed my cup and sat and read a chapter in a book while I drank it in. It has a very good taste. It’s lightly sweetened with Stevia (which normally I’m not a fan of either, but in this tea it works really well.) By the time I was done with the tea I honestly had an over-all calming effect to my body. I felt very relaxed and fell asleep easier than normal.” – Kim Penix, Grace is Sufficient blog