Self Care CatalystsSelf Care Catalysts is a company that promotes self-care through their Health Storylines app as well as through their website. We have worked with them to launch their website and to help promote their Health Storylines app through sponsored posts. Our bloggers wrote on specific topics related to self-care.


Julie was a pleasure to work with, and she made it really easy for us to launch a new and very successful blogging campaign.

Yiwen, Self Care Catalysts June 27, 2016

I had to accept, my doctor couldn’t really help me. Either I had to learn to live with it or learn how to help myself. I chose the latter. Through trial and error, I learned the art of self-care. The definition of self-care is any intentional action you take to care for your physical, mental, and emotional health. For today’s post, I will be talking about the day-to-day decisions I make regarding physical self-care.

Physical self-care includes pacing myself, optimising my diet, exercising, getting enough rest, and taking my medications.” – Fibrodaze blog


Recently I started using the Health Storylines app forphysical self-care, but I quickly realized I could use it for emotional self-care as well. I was super excited to start using the My Journal tool. I love that it gives me a topic to choose from or I can just write my own. The options on this app seem endless! I really am enjoying using theDaily Moods tool too, I can look back and see if anything may have triggered my mood for that day and why.” – The Unbroken Smile


It has been trial and error for the last few years in order to find the best professional self-care for my body, but in the last six months I have found some effective methods. There still needs to be some fine tuning for changing of the seasons such as summer time and school year, but for the most part it’s successful.

Here are more than 25 effective ways I practice professional self-care in order to be successful in a career with a chronic illness….” – Being FibroMom


I’ve been reading a number of articles addressing the self-care movement and I’ve been a little disheartened when the topic is painted as a bad thing, self-ish or anti-God. We all have a responsibility to decipher the good sources of information from the bad but you don’t throw out the baby with the bath water, as the old saying goes.


As a Christian I don’t see the self-care movement as an attack on my faith. I believe my Lord is very concerned with my mental and physical well-being but He’s more concerned with the spiritual. So spiritual self-care needs to be our foundation.” – Grace is Sufficient