Sylk is a natural personal lubricant ideal for helping those who suffer from vaginal dryness caused by chronic illness. We worked with Sylk to create a campaign of sponsored product reviews, that allowed the bloggers to share their personal experience while educating their readers on chronic illness-related vaginal dryness and how the Sylk product could help.

Sylk Natural Moisturizing Lubricant

Sylk Natural Moisturizing LubricantWe chose to work with Chronic Illness Bloggers as a way to educate and inform targeted bloggers and their audiences about a topic not as easily discussed and sometimes not even addressed by doctors - vaginal dryness. Engaging with Chronic Illness Bloggers has helped us in our mission to get rid of the "taboo" nature of the topic and truly get to what matters - improving peoples' lives. It was amazing to see the positive feedback on our product and how it has benefited not only the bloggers but their communities alike. Julie was truly a pleasure to work with and she kept open and honest communication, which is very important when working on a blogging campaign. Thank you, Julie!!

Mariessa Mahfouz October 27, 2016

Post Examples:

“It’s important to remember that whether or not you’re a chronic pain patient, vaginal dryness is going to happen to you sooner or later, especially as you get closer to the menopausal years. This will cause discomfort whether you’re sexually active or not.” – ChronicMomLife

Over the years, I’ve experienced vaginal dryness as a result of several of these conditions. I also learned that the chemicals in detergents and soaps can result in dryness and irritation. The only products I’ve found in the past to deal with this condition have been made with parabens, hormones, harsh chemicals, animal products, and artificial ingredients. SYLK is the only all natural moisturizing lubricant made from bio-sustainable New Zealand Kiwifruit Plant Extract and it has none of these bad things in it.” – Confessions of an Over-Worked Mom


“Many women experience vaginal dryness, and women with chronic pelvic pain can be especially sensitive to this problem.  Dryness can cycle throughout the month.  It is also associated with  peri-menopause and menopause.  Sylk is acts a moisturizer, relieving the irritation caused by dryness.  Unlike many lubricants, the pH of Sylk closely matches the pH of natural vaginal secretions. ” – Skillfully Well