TheraspecsTheraspecs are custom-tinted glasses that specifically block the lightwaves that cause and aggravate migraines. We worked with Theraspecs to find migraine bloggers to review these glasses. Each blogger was sent a pair of Theraspecs to keep in exchange for their review.


Julie was able to save us valuable time by identifying bloggers who were a good fit for our products, which meant we didn't have to spend our time reaching out to them one at a time. I would definitely recommend Chronic Illness Bloggers to anyone looking to reach the chronic illness market.

Hart Schafer Owner November 3, 2016

Post Examples:

“The indoor pair make it very comfortable to watch tv, type on the computer all day, and even walk into well-lit areas of the house. I also think it helps prevent pain attacks caused by photophobia or migraines. I have not been able to go without these glasses at all, so I wear them all the time and sometimes fall asleep in them. They are a very comfortable fit because they are almost entirely adjustable. The wire in the nose pieces is easy to adjust and stays in place. The frames are lightweight in every area that they sit. Where the frames sit around the ears and sides of the head are completely adjustable, too.” – Made for Hypersensitives

“Besides being so helpful with my migraines, headaches, and photophobia, I really like the look and feel of TheraSpecs.  Glasses often times are uncomfortable and heavy on my face.  TheraSpecs are light weight, have flexible fit and wrap around coverage if needed.  The tint is nice for indoors being I don’t feel like they look like special need glasses or too dark sunglasses.  They provide the perfect combination of indoor glasses and protective eye wear.” – MyMigraineLife

“I’m a really picky person, so I wasn’t expecting to love these glasses as much as I do. But they have been a big help to me since I’ve gotten them. A lot of the time when you want something to help you live an easier life with a chronic illness you have to sacrifice your sense of style, so I really like that you don’t have to do that with these glasses. I mean sure, you will probably get a few weird glances if you walk around the office all day wearing shades, but those co-workers probably just wish they looked more like you. I mean, aside from Bono we have the likes of Robert Downey Jr. wearing the same coloured lenses as us. That’s bound to cause some jealousy.” – Damsel in a Dress