Whether you realize it or not, the blogging tips posts that we put out via Chronic Illness Bloggers are often inspired by you, CIB’s members. We read your posts and comments within CIB’s Facebook group, and they often trigger topics for future blogging tips posts.

Since we’d already been doing this informally, we decided to develop a more official way of submitting your blogging questions. Fill out this simple form, and we may do a blog post answering your question. We don’t claim to be blogging gurus, but we have learned a few things over the years. What we don’t know, we can research and share what we’ve learned with the entire CIB community.

By submitting your questions, you help us to know what topics we should be covering in our blogging tips posts, and in turn, we can help you to become better, more successful bloggers. It’s a win-win for all of us!

So fill out this form with your most burning blogging questions now, and be sure to bookmark this link for future reference, too!



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