Writing is easy, at least it is for most of those who take the step of creating a blog. But, what’s a blog without readers?

It’s a diary.

You didn’t decide to start a blog just to create a diary. If you wanted a diary you wouldn’t have made it public. And, if you didn’t care if anyone ever read your blog, you probably wouldn’t be reading this.

So, you’ve got a blog now what?

Now, begins the hard part of building traffic to your blog.  But, why does traffic even matter?  Well, it doesn’t. Unless you hope to some day turn your blog into income. Here’s the deal there are a handful of ways to create income from your blog, but all of them require that you have readers (aka traffic) to your blog. If no one is reading your blog, you can’t make money off of it.

What are some of the ways that you can make money from your blog?

  • Paid writing – Your blog acts as a constantly visible portfolio for people who are seeking writers. If you have a good readership base there’s a chance someone seeking to hire writers might find you. If you are seeking paid writing opportunities you can submit your best blog posts as writing samples.
  • Sponsored posts – There are two types of sponsored posts, posts that you write, and posts that the sponsor writes for you. The latter are a lot less work and you’ll probably get paid less as well. However, what you get paid on either of these has nothing to do with the time you put in, and everything to do with your traffic and page rank.
  • Banner advertising – Even with no traffic at all you can sign up for Google Adsense and post banners on your blog. Adsense pays you each time someone clicks a banner displayed on your website. This is called Pay-Per-Click (PPC) However, without any traffic there won’t be any people to click the banners and you won’t make any money. As your traffic grows you’ll be able to work directly with businesses to promote brands and products, charging a set fee to display their banners and making a lot more than you will via PPC.

These are just a few of the basic ways that your blog can make you money, but as you can see all of these require that you have traffic. And, that’s why traffic is important and why it’s one of the questions we ask when you sign up to join Chronic Illness Bloggers.


Julie Ryan

Julie Ryan is a freelance writer and editor. She blogs about living with chronic illness at http://countingmyspoons.com - She is also a regular contributor to HealthyWay.com and Prohealth.com

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