Traffic is the most important metric when it comes to brands/ businesses considering you for potential sponsorship opportunities. But, how do you know how much traffic you are getting?

If you are running a blog, you will not be able to install Google Analytics.  However, it’s still quite easy to determine your average daily pageviews using the stats provided by WordPress (they just aren’t quite as accurate as Google Analytics). To do this just open your stats and click on “summaries.” There you will see a section that is labeled “Average per day”.  Provide the number given for the most recent month.

If you are self-hosted or operating your blog on Blogger/Blogspot, sign up for Google Analytics.

The easiest way to implement Google Analytics on your blog is to install the Google Analytics Plugin. When you sign up for Google Analytics you’ll be given a Web Property ID. All you have to do is copy that ID into the field in the plugin settings, validate with Google and you’ll be set to go.

If you are just doing this it will take a bit to build up enough data for Google to give you accurate statistics. However, if you’ve already got Google Analytics installed and/or you are on Blogger, all you have to do is look at the summary of your stats page. Look for pageviews on the summary. That will show you the pageviews for the last month. Divide that by 30 and you’ll have a rough average of your average daily views.

Finding average daily page views in Google analytics
Google Analytics stats summary
page views on Blogger stats summary
Blogger stats summary


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