Many of us are so busy pushing out posts that sometimes we forget about the static pages on our blogs. I set up my “About Me” page when I first launched my blog, and I haven’t paid much attention to it since. It’s long overdue for some love and updating. Maybe yours is too!

I bet if you were to study your Google Analytics – (You have set up your Google Analytics, right? If not, you need to read this post!) – you’d probably find your “About Me” page is one of your most heavily visited static pages. There’s a reason for that. Like it or not, we are the faces for our blogs, and people want to know who’s behind the words on their screen. In journalism classes, I was always taught that people like to read the stories of other people. I think that holds true in the blogging world as well.

When someone visits your blog, many of them are subconsciously seeking a connection with you. They want to feel like they know and trust you, like they can relate to you, like you’re someone who will understand them and their struggles. For some of your readers, what’s on your about page will determine whether they stick around (and hopefully subscribe to your mailing list) or disappear into the cyber oblivion. So let’s make sure we make a great first impression!

Today I’m sharing a few links on how to create an appealing “About Me” page:

Amy Lynn Andrews: How to write an about page

Michael Hyatt: 10 ways to create a better “About Me” page for your blog

Problogger: How your about page can make or break your blog

Copyblogger: Are you making these 7 mistakes with your about page? 

Blog Tyrant: 12 of the best “About Us” pages on the internet (Many of these are for celebrities and businesses, but you can still take some inspiration from them.)

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