I’m going to do something a little bit different this week. My Pocket feed is full of links to blogging articles that I never seem to have time to read! So instead of focusing on a specific topic this week, I’m going to share some of the best blogging articles that have been piling up in my Pocket feed. Building traffic, social media, SEO, monetization … this week’s link share is going to be whatever looks interesting and helpful! Here goes …

  • I’m an organizing freak – always have been, even before I was sick. (I’m so type A, that’s probably partially WHY I’m sick now.) Because blogging has so many parts and pieces, a planner can be a helpful tool to keep everything organized. If you’re on Pinterest (and here’s why you should be), then you might want to check out blogging expert Amy Lynn Andrews’ blog planner board. Most of them are free to print and download!
  • If you’re trying to monetize, here’s Problogger’s top monetization posts from 2015. Grab your favorite drink, and head to your comfiest chair because this roundup post will keep you busy for several hours! You’ll thank me later!
  • Now that Facebook is becoming a dud for blog promotion, you might want to up your game on Pinterest. Kate Ahl from Simple Pin Media shares “245 Pinterest strategies that work for successful bloggers.”
  • Plagiarism is rampant among the chronic illness community with hundreds of spammy websites out there ripping off our words of wisdom every single week. I thought some of you might find ForeverAmber’s post on “What to do when someone steals your blog content” helpful. Personally, I skip the whole “contact them directly” and “send them an invoice” steps and go straight to filing a DMCA with the offender’s hosting company. I guess Amber is a nicer person than I am! She’s certainly more patient! I don’t think these bogus websites are making a “mistake” for one instant.
  • I haven’t delved much into affiliate marketing yet, but that might change after reading HipMediaKit’s “15 creative ways to promote affiliate programs on your blog.” 

Well, mission accomplished! My Pocket feed is a little lighter now, and hopefully you found some new blogging tips and tricks! Let me know how you like this format, and I may do it again!

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