A couple of weeks ago, CIB blogger Donna Grant wrote a great post on “How to get your first 1k followers on Pinterest.” I thought I would piggy-back on her post with some Pinterest observations of my own.

I LOVE Pinterest – both as a follower and someone who uses it as a marketing tool for blogging! For me, Pinterest has replaced so many other forms of media, like magazines and certain books. I donated my home decor books long ago because I can always find something beautiful and inspiring in my Pinterest feed. Sometimes I even skip Google altogether and go directly to Pinterest when I’m looking for something in particular, like a good recipe for taco salad or how to use castile soap for cleaning.

As a blogger, Pinterest is one of my biggest traffic generators, and my traffic and followers consistently grow each month without a ton of effort. As Facebook keeps making it harder for bloggers to promote content, I’m shifting more attention to building my presence on Pinterest.

I thought I would share a few tips that I’ve picked up on my own and from taking a couple of Pinterest classes. Some of this may be redundant of Donna Grant’s post, but I think overlap can be a good thing. It serves as a clue that certain advice is important. So, here goes…

  1. When you set up your account, you’ll want to apply for a Pinterest business account because that enables you to use Pinterest’s analytics tool. The account is free, and it just takes a couple of minutes to set up.
  2. Make sure to completely fill out your profile, including a photo. Consider adding keywords to your profile description to increase your Pinterest SEO. (You’ll find more info on this in the links below.)
  3. When you’re first starting out on Pinterest, it can be hard to get traction because you won’t have very many followers to pin your posts. One way to expand your reach is by joining group boards. You can find them by doing a search on Pin Groupie. Most group boards will include instructions for how to join in their description. Group boards have been one of the best tools I’ve found for building a Pinterest following.
  4. Whether you realize it or not, people are pinning content from your blog. Aren’t you a little curious about what they’re pinning? And how does it look? You can find out by typing the following into your browser search bar: www.pinterest.com/source/addyourdomainhere (for example, mine is www.pinterest.com/source/fedupwithfatigue.com) You can also use this handy trick to find out what people are pinning from other sites!
  5. Pinterest is ALL ABOUT THE IMAGES! If you’re not including a pinnable image with every blog post, then you need to start. Right. Now. And when you get a chance, you should consider going back and updating at least your most popular posts with pinnable images. Vertical images perform better and are pinned more frequently because they take up more space and are more dominate in the Pinterest feed. Horizontal images can get lost because they are smaller and harder to read in the feed. Canva can help you create some great images.
  6. Most Pinterest experts suggest using text on your images instead of relying on the copy generated under your photo. Big text catches more eyeballs.
  7. Apply for rich pins. This makes your pins look more professional!
  8. When you’re setting up your boards, always, always, always have a board that’s designated just for your blog posts! You’d be surprised how many people will “follow” just that board because they don’t want their feed to be cluttered with the other stuff you pin.

Here are a few helpful links to more Pinterest tips:

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FYI: Simple Pin Media is great resource for Pinterest marketing tips! She recently started a Pinterest podcast.

In case you thought Pinterest was just for women, there’s the Manly Pinterest Tips podcast. But you don’t have to be a guy to appreciate Jeff’s programming!

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