Check out these resources for those who are in the early stages of blogging or thinking about setting up a blog.

A few weeks back, we asked the Chronic Illness Bloggers community to submit any blogging-related questions they might have as ideas for future posts. We received a couple of questions about how to get started blogging.

Well, entire books have been written on that topic, so it’s impossible to cover everything in a simple blog post, but I did dig up some helpful resources for those who are in the early stages of blogging or thinking about setting up a blog:

Amy Lynn Andrews: How to start a blog

If you’re not signed up for Amy’s weekly newsletter, do it now! I almost always find something valuable in her Saturday emails, and her website is a treasure trove for bloggers, beginning and intermediate.

Inspired Bloggers University: How to start a blog for beginners

Tabitha Philen’s Inspired Bloggers University is another favorite blogging resource of mine. She offers paid monthly and lifetime options for her blogging courses, but also gives away tons of free information on her website. 

The Minimalists: How to start a successful blog in 2017

Ok, I admit these guys are an unlikely source for blogging information, but the information in this post is solid and well presented. Plus, Ryan is sort of cute to look at…

Since launching last year, Chronic Illness Bloggers has published several blogging tips posts that might be helpful for beginners. Here are a few highlights: vs. vs. Blogger: What’s the difference? 

Why you need an editorial calendar

Why you need an email list and where to set one up

Grow your email list (and your blog traffic) with a free incentive

Setting up a Facebook page for your blog

How to get your first 1k followers on Pinterest

5 tips for new bloggers

6 ways to make money blogging

Also check out CIB founder Julie Ryan’s Blogging 101 Facebook Live event!

That’s it for this week! If you’ve got a blogging question you’d like the CIB team to answer, submit it here. Come on, don’t be shy…you can even do it anonymously! 

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