Hello all! I’ve had quite a few of you ask about google analytics recently. If you’ve applied for a campaign, you’ll know I ask for stat screenshots-and lots of you have asked if you can use WordPress or other stats instead.

Google analytics is a little tricky to navigate but it is industry standard when it comes to blogging. WordPress is roughly accurate but can very easily be a few hundred or a few thousand out. That’s why, when it comes to blogging, Google Analytics is always the approved method and it does put you at a disadvantage in the long-run if you’re not using them (well in my opinion anyway)

Today I thought I’d share a few of my favourite blog posts around Google Analytics in the hope it helps you set things up on your blog.

  1. Leah Flavell from Devotedtopink.com put her Google Analytics knowledge to good use and created this insightful blog on How to effectively monitor your blog traffic. If you’ve got 10 minutes spare, I highly recommend checking this one out. It also explains WHY blogger and WordPress stats ate not ideal.
  2. The digital world can become a confusing state of affairs, especially with so much information on the same subject floating around. Do you happen to know the difference between WordPress.com vs WordPress.org – Which is Better?
  3. Summed up perfectly on Swoonworthy.co.uk, Google Analytics is one of those platforms that most bloggers know they need, but not always sure how to use it effectively. Here are some great tips on ‘How to use Google Analytics To Grow Your Blog’.
  4. One of our network bloggers Fiona has a great, introductory overview on the most simple way to get Google Analytics up and running!
  5. For those of you who prefer to use the ‘Blogger’ platform instead, check out ‘How to connect your blogger account to Google Analytics’ from General Assembly. There are some useful step-by-step instructions from which you can easily measure audience reach, visitor behaviour, tracking to your site and so much more.  

I hope you found these posts useful- let us know over on the Facebook group if you still have any burning questions about Google Analytics; and we’ll do our best to answer them!

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