Charleigh Writes
I blog about my battle with chronic illness along with posts about writing and book.
Chronic Illness Trauma Studies
I’m a family doctor turned trauma therapist recovering from a chronic illness because of what I learned from the science of how adverse life events and trauma affect risk for chronic illness (and why it’s not psychological).
Hoping to inform, provide pain management tools, and inspire others by sharing what I have learned from my journey with pain 20 plus years. I experience adhesive arachnoiditis, and back and neck pain from 3 failed surgeries and complications, among other diagnoses.
Elizabeth Barone
Twenty-something with an autoimmune disease trying to build a career as an author, one book and pill at a time.
My Invisible Illness Life
Living a life full of love, hope, happiness and faith in the face of chronic illness
Not Standing Still’s Disease
Proof that you can conquer anything – even chronic illness – with a sarcastic attitude, a smile, and a backwards baseball cap
Strength and Sunshine
Strength and Sunshine is a healthy gluten-free, allergy-friendly plant-based recipe, food, and lifestyle website for those seeking to thrive with dietary restrictions including Celiac Disease, food allergies, autoimmune disease, or just seeking a happy healthy life.
Surviving My Past
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My life with Dissociation, Anxiety, and PTSD.
The Riveraville blog
Unique lifestyle blog discussing a variety of specific topics.
I am an author and active blogger who writes about PTSD, Mental Health, Trauma, with some inspirational poetry sprinkled in along the way.
Disability Blogger, Activist and Information Guru. Wheelchair User and Educator
Whispers in the Trees
I’m a single Mom living with Fibromyalgia while raising my two youngest, and here at Whispers in the Trees, I candidly discuss everything from Fibromyalgia, single parenthood, health & wellness, and mental health to busting social norms.