Chronic Illness Bloggers has worked with a variety of companies on a variety of campaigns. Each campaign we complete is customized for the needs of the company.

Use Cases

Product Reviews

  • FibroCane Use Case – FibroCane is a supplement line created by Premier Bioceuticals. We connected them with a number of bloggers for product reviews to help expand their reach.
  • N:REM Sleep System – N:REM is a customizable mattress that allows you to position support where you need it. We have completed multiple campaigns with N:REM reviewing their products.
  • ProHealth Use Case – ProHealth was launching a new product and wanted to spread the word through product reviews and a giveaway.
  • Theraspecs Use Case – Theraspecs are custom-tinted glasses created to cut the specific light-waves that create and aggravate migraines. We connected them with bloggers for product reviews.

Sponsored Posts

  • DineSafe Use Case – DineSafe is an app for those who need to avoid allergens at restaurants. We worked with them to provide sponsored posts sharing their app.
  • Self Care Catalysts – Self Care Catalysts promote self-care through the use of their Health Storyline apps and website. We worked with them to custom tailor a sponsored post campaigns where our bloggers addressed a varietyof self-care topics.
  • Sylk – Sylk is a natural personal lubricant. We worked with them to increase awareness of the connection between vaginal dryness and chronic health conditions, and showcase how Sylk can help.