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What I learned from Facebook Strategies 2.0 | Chronic Illness Bloggers

I recently finished an online course called Facebook Strategies 2.0 and thought I would share some of the tidbits I learned. Obviously, I won’t be sharing all of the info from the course because that wouldn’t be fair to the instructor, but I’ll be highlighting some of the changes I’ve made to my own Facebook strategy as a result of taking the course.

As part of registering early, the instructor Brittany Ann from Equipping Godly Women did a quick video evaluation of my Facebook page and recommended some improvements:

  • In the “about” section on my Facebook page, I had a short description of my blog. Brittany recommended that I tweak it to tell visitors what they will receive if they “like” my page. As soon as she pointed it out, it made perfect sense to me! My description is now more about how my readers will benefit and less about me.
  • I finally took the time to set up my call-to-action button (“sign up”) on my Facebook page. I’m not sure why I hadn’t already done that; it was a complete oversight on my part. I directed my call-to-action button to a landing page where visitors can sign up for my blog freebie and subscribe to my mailing list, and I’m actually getting a few new subscribers from it each week now.
  • I decided to use my Facebook page header to promote my blog freebie. I added the verbage right above the call-to-action (“sign up”) button, so it tells visitors exactly what they’ll receive if they click on the link.

Here are a couple of interesting takeaways from the class – again, these are just highlights:

  • If you’re looking to boost engagement on your Facebook page, then take some time to study your insights section. You can access it by clicking on the “insights” link at the top of your Facebook page and then click on “posts.” You can then review your prior posts to see which ones are getting the best engagement. If a post did well previously, then chances are it will perform well again. If it’s not timely, then you can repost it from time to time to boost your engagement numbers.
  • Curious about which posts are your most popular and which ones bombed? You can actually export your post data into an Excel spreadsheet or .csv file, and then filter it from most to least engagement. (Click insights –>posts–>export data.) This was a real eye opener for me. I found out that my audience doesn’t respond to ME/CFS articles. I know my blog readership is mostly people with fibromyalgia, but I thought my Facebook visitorship was more diverse. Based on the data, I was wrong and can now tweak my content to better meet my readership’s interests. I also found out that my readers engage really well with memes, so I have tried to add more of those to my feed.
  • Probably the most helpful part of the class was Brittany’s 40 tips for getting more Facebook fans. I haven’t had a chance to go through and implement any of them yet, but here are a couple of her suggestions: Add a link to your Facebook page to your email signature. Find ways to link to your Facebook page in your blog posts (i.e. “The other day we were discussing XYZ topic on Facebook, and ….). Invite your email list to like you on Facebook. Add a Facebook widget to your sidebar. There were a lot more ideas on the list, but I don’t want to give away the best content of her class!

Facebook Strategies 2.0 is currently closed to enrollment but will reopen in a couple of months. I’ll try to post a link in the CIB Facebook group when enrollment reopens. In the meantime, her book is available (NOT an affiliate link – just sharing in case anyone is interested). It’s a good overall primer for improving Facebook engagement.

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