Tired of writing post after post and hearing crickets when you hit the publish button? Yep, been there, done that, and so have most other bloggers. It’s so hard to build traffic, especially in the beginning, because no one knows you, and your blog is just one of millions.

How to grow your audience with guest blogging | Chronic Illness Bloggers

A lot of bloggers make the mistake of thinking, “If I just write great content, then people will eventually find it.” Yeah, you might get lucky and have a post go viral here and there if someone happens to post your link at just the right time and place, but waiting to be found is a naive strategy long term. (Really, it’s no strategy at all.)

But there is a proven method to get noticed by potential readers in your genre. It’s called guest blogging. If you’ve never heard of guest blogging, here’s the gist: You network with larger bloggers or websites, and then publish your best content on their sites, usually for free.

I bet your knee-jerk reaction is, “Why the heck would I give my best content to someone else?” Short answer: Because they have an audience, and you don’t! But if you do a great job on your guest post, then chances are some of THEIR audience will become YOUR audience. See how that works? You’re essentially capitalizing on someone else’s popularity in order to build your own.

So, ordinarily on these posts, I include multiple links to resources to help you get started, but on this one, I’m only giving you ONE link. That’s because this is the only link you really need. It’s that good!

When I was just beginning as a blogger – actually, it was before I even started a blog at all – I invested in a course called “Write Like Freddy” offered by marketing guru Danny Iny. Danny is nicknamed the “Freddie Krueger of blogging.” Why? Because he perfected guest blogging so well that he was published everywhere on the Internet. Ultimately, he’s built one of the web’s most popular blogging and marketing websites.

Unfortunately, that course is no longer offered, but while I was looking for a link to his previous course, I found Danny Iny’s Ultimate Guide to Guest Blogging. When he says “ultimate guide,” he means it. I’m pretty sure that one link will keep you busy for a few hours.

(But if you really need another resource, check out what NOT to do here: Why you suck at guest blogging (and what the pros do differently)

By the way, there are several bloggers within the Chronic Illness Bloggers community who accept guest posts, including yours truly and CIB’s founder Julie Ryan, so feel free to send your guest pitches to us. It’s a win-win for both of us. You build your audience, and we get to take a little break from writing.

And one last thing: Before you publish your first guest post, make sure you have an email list! Please don’t skip this step! All of your hard work will be for naught if you’re not able to capture some of the traffic generated by your guest post.

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