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Having several chronic illnesses, I have a checklist for when I travel.  Whether its overseas or to another state here in Australia.

1. It’s very important to get the go ahead from your doctors.  Mine have been very supportive in my quest to travel.

2. Have your doctor do a list of illness’ and medication on letter head.  Make several copies and have one with your medication, and one with a friend at home. I also put one with my passport and one in the suitcase.  If you’re on supplements, also get this put on the list as well.

3.  Pack your medications inside a plastic zip lock bag and keep them in their original boxes. I use the largest size available. Take more than you need just in case of flight delays.

10 tips for travel with a chronic illness

Image of the 3 sisters: Bree, Paula and Muriel

4. Pack your medications in your carry on luggage. Suitcases do go missing or come a day late from time to time.

5. Take your prescriptions with you. Again in your carry on luggage. This is just in case your delayed getting home.

6. Pack some snacks in your carry on baggage, especially if you have dietary requirements

7.  I always have packed in my carry on a clean t-shirt and underwear. We were delayed by 6-8 hours on our return from Europe before. So a shower and change of clothes is always nice.

8. My doctors always prescribes me antibiotics due to my lung condition. So I usually get both prescriptions made up. If you have a medication like I do – 28 days –  I always get the whole 6 months made up before I go so I can take a full box with me. Never used it, but its always good to have on hand.

9. Take some Imodium, charcoal tablets and Gastrolyte. I have had to use Imodium a couple of times. So glad I had with me.

10.  Most important of all… have fun! With a bit of preparation, your trip will be all that you expected.



I write over at Living Grace Blog about finding life in the desert that chronic illness can be. I talk honestly about the day to day with illness and share stories of others living their life in spite of challenging circumstances. My aim is to inspire readers to value their worth and remind them through authentically sharing my story: they aren't alone. It's better when we're together right? :) I hope to connect with you soon!

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