We’ve had a ton of new members join us lately (hi, all!) and one thing many of them have in common is a drive to take their blog to the next level. Whether that’s to reach a certain number of page views, grow a following or make money from it.  We reached out to the members in our Chronic Illness Bloggers Facebook group and asked them to share their top tips!

1.In her latest post, Sam Moss from My Mini Musings discusses the importance of reading and editing older blog posts. Not only do they help bring traffic back to your site, but refreshing and posting content you already have is an easy way to save time.

2.We love this post from Sheryl Chan from A Chronic Voice who talks in depth about how she aims to increase the efficiency and quality of her posts. This is mainly done by using the very best tools for blogging  and workflow.

3. It’s a question we’re all trying to find the answer to. Luckily for us, Donna Margaret from Februarystars.co.uk talks through her top tips on managing a blog when you have a chronic illness. This post certainly one to read if your head is full of questions.

4.There should be a warning attached to this blog saying ‘do not read when you are hungry!”. For all the foodies out there, the amazing Jo Romero who writes a blog, comfortbites.co.uk delves into the world of food photography and shows us her 5 Favourite Food Photos and how she snapped them.

5.If anyone knows a thing or two about the Best Blogging Practice – it’s Lucy Dorrington. In this article on her website theparentgameblog.co.uk, Lucy tells us more about the mistakes made and learned along the way whilst blogging. If you’re looking to improve your writing ethics, this one is a must read!

6.Discussing all things blogging, business and working at home, Ellen Blogs is certainly one to look out for. Channelling everything from SEO checklist posts, to data management tips for small business owners, soak up the knowledge and read her latest blogs.

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7.Fiona Abbey at FromFiona.com sure knows her stuff when it comes to pro blogging tips. As Google Analytics is one of the most important tools any blogger can use, we admire Fiona’s easy step-by-step guide on Google Analytics: The Easy Installation Method.

8.What is a useful blog post really without a little trumpet blowing? Our very own Chronic Illness Bloggers website is packed full of useful information on blogging. So whether you do it for a business or just for a hobby, our blog post on the importance of Pinterest Group Boards is certainly something to watch out for.

9.Hannah Gale is an honest blogger, there’s no BS where she is standing! Coming from a person who has recently had a baby, getting the balance between blogging and money making is hard. You’ll certainly take some knowledge away from her post on: 21 Tips To Take Your Blog To The Next Professional Level.

10.And finally! We couldn’t leave without sharing another from ourselves- this time from my own site The Bloglancer on 10 Reasons Why No One is Reading Blog. Just in case you need a bit of tough love.

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I write over at Living Grace Blog about finding life in the desert that chronic illness can be. I talk honestly about the day to day with illness and share stories of others living their life in spite of challenging circumstances. My aim is to inspire readers to value their worth and remind them through authentically sharing my story: they aren't alone. It's better when we're together right? :) I hope to connect with you soon!

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