Hello everybody, and happy April! This month I wanted to kick off a new feature idea I had for Chronic Illness Bloggers: a monthly edit.

I know how hard all our bloggers work-both in terms of content for the network and the brands we work with, and on providing an invaluable resource to their readers. So each month, we’ll present a ‘monthly edit’: ten posts handpicked by me (although, you’re welcome to send in your suggestions) that are a must-read for the month ahead. Without further to do, here are April’s ten posts…

1.Today I Ran My First Half Marathon by I Am Type Cast 

Today I Ran My First Half Marathon : Any idiot can run but it takes a special kind of idiot to run a half marathon.

I’d seen Nickie tweet in the run-up to the marathon; so I was even more pleased to read she’d done it! I love how honest and open she was about taking it on; her last minute ‘I’m not doing it texts’ to friends and of course being triumphant and crossing the finish line! Well done Nickie. Read her post here.

2.I’ve Spent my life in hospitals: living a limited life and challenging yourself for more by Chronically Strong

An inspirational read from Shawntel who states; “spending my life in hospitals has given me a greater appreciation for life outside of those walls. I don’t want to spend my life anticipating my next surgery.” A perfect reminder to seize the day. Read her post here.

3.5 Random Things that Worry me With Chronic Illness by Achy Smile.

I’ve only just discovered Erica’s blog; but doesn’t the name just sum up our lives? I loved this relatable post about nagging worries that we all have. Read her post here.

4. Custom Domain: Why Your Blog Needs One by From Fiona

I’ve been wanting a post that really emphasises the value of having our own domain-and Fiona articulates this perfectly. If you’re wanting to take your blog to the next level, give this a read and make notes here.


5.Self-Care: Not What You Think by Navigating the Storms

Self-care is so important- but it doesn’t have to be expensive bath salts or spa days.This post by blogger Carole talks about what self’-care can actually mean to us all. Read here.

6. No More Grapes Review by the Spoonie Mummy

This month, five of our bloggers teamed up with one of our brand partners ‘No More Grapes’; to raise awareness of their fantastic platform-which helps patients manage hospital visits, share health updates with friends and family and help answer the question: what can I do to help? Natalie’s review is fantastic and she outlines the real benefits it can have to the lives of chronically ill patients. Read here.

7.The Important of Recognising and Treating Sleep Apnea by My Meena Life

CPAP machine (photo provided by Aeroflow).

We also teamed up with Aeroflow this month; and Ava from My Meena Life wrote a fantastic, length post about her husband’s battle with being diagnosed with sleep apnea. If you suspect you suffer with it, give this post a read.

8.Supporting Children When a Parent is Chronically Ill by Tripping through Trickle

Jen blogs about her life with MS; and this post about her experiences as a parent is a fantastic read.She shares some amazing tips and advice for chronically ill parents. Read her advice here.

9. One Month with My Feeding Tube by This Spoonie Speaks

So much admiration for Kali as she shares her month with a feeding tube- such determination in facing her struggles.Read her account here

10. Is Having A Disabled Partner A Burden? by Top Lady Talks

A contentious topic carefully discussed and evaluated- where do you stand on this topic and how we perceive disability? Read and join in with the debate here. 


I hope you enjoyed this post- please take a second to share it and help support your fellow CIB bloggers! Look out for May’s edit soon!


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  • April 5, 2018 at 7:37 pm

    Great list you’ve put together! Thanks so much for including my post!


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