Hi all, I’m so sorry for skipping the last few monthly edits! We’ve been so busy here at CIB but hopefully, this month’s bumper edition will make up for it. Without further ado, here are your must-read posts for November from across our network…

1.A Lack of Alarms to Set Alarm Bells Ringing by D2Shine

A much-needed warning about emergency cords in disabled bathrooms. Ruthy was faced with an emergency when she had a seizure in the bathroom-but despite pulling the cord, nobody arrived. Read her experience and her warning in this vital post.

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2.Getting to Know My Gut Bacteria by A Chronic Voice

Ever wondered what’s up with your gut? Our blogger Sheryl took the bold move to test our gut bacteria in a bid to improve her gut health. Here is how she got on…

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3.Finding Accessible Work Through Chronic Illness by Life of Pippa

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My life in a notebook 😂🙋🏼‍♀️ SO, let’s talk about working with a chronic illness. The one question I get asked more than any other by those who read my blog is how I got my flexible work from home job, and how they can get a job like it. And I often feel guilty when I answer, because I’m usually giving half-baked responses due to permanently being on a time-crunch/ suffering an energy shortage. SO… I think it’s only right that we put some time aside to have a proper chat about it, especially as it’s such a topical issue at the moment. I’ll be live on the Zubia app on Saturday 20th October at 10am to talk about how and where to actually find accessible jobs, and practical tips for finding the right opportunities when you have a chronic illness. It’ll be a livestream and really chill, so I’d absolutely LOVE to have you there and have a cuppa and a chat/answer any questions as we go along. Sound good? All you need to do to join in is download the Zubia app for free, and find me as a host at LifeOfPippa. You’ll see there are already two past broadcasts on there (chronic illness and social media, and a chat about mobility aids) where I was still getting used to the system and was too nervy to share them at the time, but we’re DOING this guys. This is an accountability post. Look forward to hopefully seeing some of you there, and not *at all* sounding like an apprehensive Northern chipmunk on helium… 👀😂

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Work with a chronic illness can be difficult but not impossible. Pippa has created an indispensable guide with her top tips in finding accessible work. Whether it’s from home or through a wealth of access schemes.

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4.Dating and Chronic Illness by The World Sees Normal

Another part of life with an illness is dating. Amber has written an honest and useful guide to dating with a chronic illness-and what prospective partners need to know! Perfect for sharing with a new partner to help them ‘get it’.

Read it here.

5.Being in Pain Does Not Make You A Failure by The Pain Companion

Sometimes you just need to read words from someone who is going through a similar thing. Sarah shares the guilt we feel around pain and why sometimes being asked to ‘think positively’ does more harm than good!

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6. Ways Dance Has Helped Me Through Chronic Pain by Chloe Danielle

Our hobbies play such a huge role in our wellbeing. Here, Chloe shares five ways that dance has helped her battle with chronic pain-and even her mental health.

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7.How to be Kind To Yourself When You Have A Chronic Illness by Emily Lofgren

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How do you feel about conventional productivity tips? ☀️ Love ‘em? Use ‘em? Say “no thanks!” ? . I have to tell you: I love productivity. The idea of getting as much done as possible in a short amount of time feels like a thrilling challenge. So I’ve read a book (or twelve! 🤓) and have listened to countless podcasts on the subject. . While there’s always great info I can glean from, I’ve realized that many of the tips that work for others just aren’t right for my current stage of life, and that’s okay! . I can batch my work and have set days of the week I complete household tasks, but rarely will you find me wearing jeans to write an article. I think I’ll always choose to change out of jeans the minute I get home because leggings are so much more comfortable! Rarely will you find me sitting in my office chair with my feet on the ground. I’ll have a blanket wrapped around me with my legs in crisscross applesauce (hello, preschool!) ✌🏻 . Today, you’ll find me working from bed because my body is worn out. It’s certainly a journey when healing from chronic illness, and I’m so thankful that I’m learning to give myself some grace in the process. 💗 . . . . . . #chronichope #fibromyalgiawarrior #chronicillnesswarrior #chroniclymedisease #chronicinsta #healingfromlyme #healingfromfibro #cfshealth #invisibleillness #chronicillnesswarrior #chronicpainrelief #spoonielife #spoonies #chroniclife #chonicillnesswarrior #spoonielife #spoonieproblems #lymewarrior #lymediseaseawareness #lymedontkillmyvibe #lymelife #lymedisease

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We’re always reading about being kind to others-but what about to ourselves? Emily shares five vital ways to be kind to each other when battling with health issues.

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8. Bringing Loved One’s To Hospital Appointments by Thriving While Disabled

Do you prefer to go to appointments solo or appreciate moral support? You might think its safety in numbers but sometimes a visitor can do more harm than help! This post shares some fantastic tips about how to select the right person to be your hospital companion and her own experiences of attending hospital appointments with loved ones.

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9.Chronic Illness Book Club: Dear Chronic Illness

Welcome to our newest feature! We ask one of our members to review a book designed for chronically ill readers. And first up is ‘Dear Chronic Illness’. Read the full review here…

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10. Diagnosing and Managing Dysautonomia with Blood Pressure Monitoring by Hospital Princess

Last month saw our bloggers team up again with Aeroflow to share their health stories. Cheyanne from Hospital Princess created an invaluable guide to POTS-including symptoms, testing and treatment; as well as how blood pressure monitoring can help the condition.

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11. Winter Survival Guide-Overcoming the winter blues by The Money Saving Mom

Seasonal Affective Disorder can be a real problem for many of us in the winter months-and somehow, it seems the seasons have changed right under our eyes! Read this guide to overcoming the winter blues for tips on tackling SAD.

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12. I Try Out Better You’s Vitamin D Testing Kit by Comfort Bites

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If you’d have met me 5 years ago you’d have seen a very different me. Full of anxiety, tired all the time, prone to depression and in pain from psoriasis patches and IBS. Since I went AIP, what a different story! I’m calmer, happier and I can feel that I’m healthier. While watching what I eat has helped hugely, I have to give credit for the non food aspect of AIP – the lifestyle stuff, too. Now I prioritise my sleep, get time outside each day (here’s me at some ancient Roman ruins at Silchester), work on calming my mind (hello journalling!) and find fun. It’s so important to pay attention to this side of health, too, as we can sometimes get bogged down – and even stressed out about – our diet. This is what my AIP looks like – time outside, laughter and hopefully a good night’s sleep! Have you found lifestyle changes useful? #aip #thataiplife #aiplife #jerf #jerfing #healthy #health #paleo #paleouk #paleolife #vitamind #getoutside #getoutsidemore #play #fun #ancestral #ancestralhealth #autoimmunedisease #autoimmuneprotocoldiet #autoimmuneprotocol

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Talking of cold weather-let’s talk about vitamin D. Have you had your levels checked recently? Psoriasis blogger Jo talks about the link between vitamin D and psoriasis-and puts herself to the test!

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13. Ten Tips for Combating Chronic Pain in Winter by Counting My Spoons

For some, winter can worsen their health-especially conditions like arthritis and fibro. Julie shares her top tips for managing and tackling chronic pain in the winter months ahead.

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14. Autumn Winter Skincare for Sensitive Fibromyalgia Skin by The Girl with Five Lads

Sensitive skin can be a nightmare during cold weather. Nessa shares her advice on natural skincare and tackling sensitive skin.

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15. How to stay healthy this winter by Chronic Mom Life

Some fantastic health and wellness tips to survive the winter months.

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