Wow, that came around so quickly! I feel like it’s only a few minutes since I was writing April’s monthly edit and now it’s May!  Last month’s post was a massive success so now we’re back here in May with 10 must-read (and must-watch!) posts for the month ahead…


1.10 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was First Diagnosed with Coeliac Disease, Chronically Gluten Free

This month marks Coeliac awareness week; an important week since so many people with coeliac disease are undiagnosed. If you are a coeliac or struggle with gluten intolerance, I can 100% recommend Chronically Gluten Free as a fantastic guide to ‘free from’ life. In this post, Angela shares what she’d known when first diagnosed-and as someone whose been gluten-free for many years, I can definitely relate!

Read her post here.

2. So I’m Getting An Iron Infusion by Hannah Hodgson

I started Youtube myself recently and I’m hoping that our campaigns will be expanded to include youtubers too. Hannah Hodgson has led the way with our very first ever review video! This month, CIB teamed up with INGA Wellbeing  to review their patient clothing; and Hannah talks us through how the product is so beneficial for those getting iron infusions-as well as what else she packs in her hospital kit! Watch below!


3.The Bladder-Gut Connection by Bladder Help

If you suffer with bladder issues in anyway, Layla’s blog is going to be your best friend. As someone who is more interested in gut health usually, I found this blog post on the connection between our bladders and our guts absolutely fascinating! Is there anything our gut bacteria can’t do?

Read Layla’s post here.

4. May Prompts by A Chronic Voice

Sheryl from A Chronic Voice is the biggest advocate for all of our bloggers- so let’s shine the spotlight on her for a change! Sheryl shares monthly prompts for blogging-which you can all go ahead and join in with too. This month Sheryl chats about remembering, caring, believing, entertaining and designing.

Read Sheryl’s post here.

5. Why Chronic Pain is Awkward by Rubeye Dreams

Amber articulates so accurately why chronic pain is just so difficult to talk about. She states: ~”I honestly feels like if we talk about our illness too much, people get annoyed, but if we don’t talk about it at all, people continually think things “are better.” It’s frustrating to say the least. Either we act too sick or not sick enough.” which is pretty much the dilemma we all face! Let’s start opening up about our struggles more…

Read Amber’s post here.

6. 7 Essential Self-Care Ideas by Chronic Mom Life

Taking time for yourself is SO important with a chronic illness. Marya shares her tips on yoga, fruit-infused water, journalling; and other quick,easy and inexpensive self-care ideas that are worth a try!

Read Marya’s post here

7.Cloth Sanitary Pad and Menstrual Cup Q&A by Little Spoonie

Menstrual issues go hand in hand with so many chronic illnesses, so I found this q&a fascinating! There are so many reasons why traditional sanitary protection might not work for lots of us ladies; so why not learn about some alternatives?

Read Nikki’s post here

8.Unboxing the Medicheck’s Home Finger-Prick Blood Test by Lauren’s Pen

I love Laura’s blog so it’s exciting to see her youtube channel back up and running. I really enjoyed this unboxing of an AMH test from My MediChecks- it’s something I’ve heard lots about so was great to see the process from start to finish.

You can watch the video below…



9. Chronic Compromises: To Cook or Not to Cook? By Being Lydia

Every single day we have to make compromises with our illnesses: and Lydia debates ‘to cook or not to cook?’ I really liked Lydia talking about acceptance and her word for the year ‘accountability’. Truth is, we all need to adapt and let go of old routines with chronic illness-we have to do what works with our illness rather than acting as if nothing will change!

Read Lydia’s post here

10. Reactions to Lady Gaga’s Cancelled Tour

When it comes to invisible disabilities, it can be hard for people to take us seriously. Pippa sums up the dilema perfectly here: comparing how the twittersphere reacts to Lady Gaga cancelling her tour because of chronic illness and Ed Sheeran because of broken bones. You can pretty much guess the outcome…even in 2018 and it makes a fascinating read.

Read Pippa’s post here.


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