Wow, hasn’t time flown? I actually ended up missing July’s edit but today I’m back with your must-read blogs for August. Here’s we go!

1.Are you even Disabled? By What A Pain

Rach blogs about something we’ve all experienced (often time and time again). She shares a painful experience of how her invisibly disability was questioned last year and reminds us, that when it comes to awareness, we still have a long way to go!

Read it here.

2.5 things People in Chronic Pain Need More Than Advice by The Pain Companion Blog

A great post by Sarah; which highlights the different ways people in our lives can support us. Sometimes we don’t need advice. Sometimes we don’t need words at all…

Read it here.


 3.The Ultimate Guide to Planners for Health and Wellness by Chronic Mom Life

The Ultimate Guide to Planners for Health and Wellness
Image Source: Chronic Mom Life

Marya’s blog is one of my favourites at the moment. And if you’re stationary obsessed like me, you’ll love this post. She talks us through all the different planners that might benefit those of us with chronic illness-from budgeting to journalling. Now it’s perfectly legit to buy 10 notebooks in one week.

Read it here.

4. Chocolate Sunflower Seed Butter Cups by Girl in Healing

Always on the hunt for healthy recipes? Alexa from Girl in Healing has you covered! It’s an amazing blog for gluten-free, dairy-free, grain-free and paleo recipes. Try these healthy versions of reeses peanut butter cups!

Read it here.


5. Loving my Body Despite by Gastroparesis

If you do one thing after reading this post, go follow @hospitalprncss on Instagram. Her images ARE AMAZING-and in this blog, she shares her journey to body positivity with Gastroparesis. Her commitment to raise awareness of this illness is so inspiring.

Read it here.

6. Gastroparesis Awareness Month by The Spoonie Mummy

Talking of gastroparesis-as it’s awareness month this August, here’s another blog post by UK blogger Natalie. If you’re not sure about what gastroparesis is and want to understand the symptoms; as well as read real-life stories of how it can impact your life, then this is a must-read.

Read it here.

7. Bamboo Duvet Review from Free From Farmhouse

We’ve been working with cancer-specialist Live Better With recently; and Emma’s review of their amazing bamboo duvets is a great read. Emma blogs about how bamboo can be so cooling (Vital for anyone dealing with night sweats) and improve your night sleep.

Read it here.

8. I Got Glutened by Laura Morning Star

Coeliac Disease is no joke, and I’ve written myself before about how we need to take it more seriously. Laura opens up to what it’s actually like to be glutened and why coeliacs can’t just ‘try a little bit’ of gluten!

Read it here.

9.How Blogging Changed My Life and Saved Me by Life in A Breakdown

This post on our own site had lots of love when I shared it the first time around. But it’s such a good read I wanted to share it again! Sarah blogs for us about how blogging saved her life and changed it for the better.

Read it here.

10. 10 Best Daily-Use Apps for People with Chronic Illness by Chronically Salty

I’m a bit addicted to apps; so I loved this roundup. With recommendations for the best apps to track your symptoms, periods, mental health and more-it’s definitely worth a read!

Read it here.

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