*Today is the first of our ‘brand-blogger connect’ posts. Sarah has teamed up with “Chemist4U to talk about her life with IBS.*

The Wee Foddie - About MeSarah has lived with IBS-D since the age of 19. After trying out many different dietary methods to control her symptoms, she found some relief with the FODMAP diet. She is passionate about raising awareness of what it’s like to live with the condition and she documents this on her blog ‘The Wee Foddie‘ along with FODMAP friendly recipes. Take it away Sarah…

Yup, this is such a typical blogger post. I quite like being nosey and seeing what others carry in their handbags. So, I thought it would be good to let you see what’s in the handbag of an IBS-D sufferer. I’ll give you an insight into the products that get me through day-to-day life.

I did think about putting more “pretty” products in my handbag, however, that’s not really how I roll. I’m absolutely hopeless at pretty make-up, apart from my lipstick. When you’re experiencing a flare up and think you look quite rubbish – slap on some lipstick and no one will even have to know!

I kept it real and honest. The only lie is that when I emptied the contents of my handbag, it did not fall out and sit perfectly as per my photos. Also, quite a few receipts were thrown out in the process as no one wants to see that!

The Bag

This Cambridge Satchel a Christmas gift from years ago and I’ve not been able to part with it since. It literally goes everywhere with me and I got my initials printed on it too (not seen in pic).

Nica Purse

Another gifted purchase, where I stash a ridiculous amount of cards and loyalty cards that I’ll probably never use.

Spare pair of pants

Because….IBS. Ok, I admit it I lied a little bit at the start, I did add in a prettier pair of pants because I didn’t want to think you all think I wear granny pants all the time. Let’s be honest during an IBS flare, you just want to be comfy. I always carry a spare pair around with me because you just never know and I like to be prepared for all situations. I usually pop them in a pretty little pouch along with my meds, so no one has to know there in there.

A ridiculously large set of keys and keyrings

So I don’t lose them, my fun pineapple key-ring was a purchase from Topshop and I love it. There’s no way I’m going to lose my car keys now.

Lipstick and lipliner

To ensure I don’t look like utter crap on the outside when I’m feeling it on the inside. I swear by Mac, I absolutely love it and there are so many bright colours.

IBS Medication


These products are my safety net. You never know when an IBS attack is likely to occur and having IBS-D, you really do need Loperamide (it’s cheaper to buy this than the brand Imodium!) to get you through the day sometimes. Whether it’s work or an outing I rely on this quite a lot! I just simply can’t run to the toilet as much as my gut wants me to do some days and this gets me through. As you can see from my picture, these are used quite frequently! When I feel cramping coming on I pop a Buscopan to help try and reduce them. If I’ve had a really bad day and have lost a lot of fluid, I try to replace them with an electrolyte solution.

Hand Sanitiser

Well….you never know where you might end up! IBS doesn’t seem to be selective over where you’ll need to use the loo. I’m never without my hand sanitiser for this reason. The toilets might not all be clean but at least might hands will be.

Pack of Tissues

Same as above, I can’t imagine anything worse that needing to use a toilet that has no loo roll in it. You can’t go wrong with carrying these in your handbag.


I have quite a fast transit time (nice, thanks, IBS!) so I blame that on my reason for constantly snacking. Hungry or not, there’s nothing worse when you can’t grab something when you’re out and about that suits your tum. I love the FODY Food’s trail mixes and love the Trek protein bars too.

Phone and Headphones

Lastly, who would be without their phone nowadays? But in terms of it helping my IBS I often use the Headspace app. I’ve found myself using their SOS “Feeling Overwhelmed” feature when my IBS gets a little too much and I’m in a panic.


Thanks Sarah for being our first brand-blogger connection! This is a paid post by Chemist4U and Sarah has been compensated for sharing her tips (and her handbag!)

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2 thoughts on “What’s in my handbag? The IBS edition!

  • February 9, 2018 at 7:38 pm

    Totally can relate to your bag! Funny I also have a Cambridge satchel and the most important bag in a bag situation is 1: My IBS bag ( wipes pills pant etc) 2 Allergy/food snack bag ( hypersensitive tummy gluten and lactose intolerance and a few allergies in the mix ) so keep a few food items. I also know those are safe to eat. Bag 3: medicine ( inhaler etc)Other bits cream lipstick lip balm keys phone charge and anything I can fit in


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