Welcome to June’s monthly edit! Without further to do, here’s the ten posts across our network you need to read/watch this month!

A “Good Enough” Recipient?

Comparing ourselves to each other seems to be the social norm and a daily occurrence for most of us. But for Holly from secondhand-life.com, comparing yourself to other patients seems to be the hardest struggle of all. Take a look into this insightful post about Holly’s life post-transplant: it’s bound to make you stop and think about your own life. Read the full post here. 

Chronic Illness: podcasts you need to listen to

It’s magical just how effective listening to a podcast can be. Thankfully, livingpositivelywithdisability.com has shared some podcast gold with her readers. There’s definitely some here we could listen to over and over again. Read the full post here.

Music Makes Everything Better

Who else agrees that the most powerful “natural” pain management tool is listening to music? Thankfully we’re not the only ones. This fantastic article from mymedmusings.com reveals how music can be seen as a reward and can really make a difference when living with a chronic illness. Click here to view the post.

A Comprehensive Beginners Guide to Buying CBD Products

As this incredible blog from ajourneythroughthefog.co.uk identifies, the UK seems to have a thriving CBD market, but not all products can be seen as ‘equal’. So how do you know if you’re choosing the best for your needs? Don’t hesitate to check out her blog post, it could save you a lot of time and hassle in the long run.

Youtube: CBD Oil For Joint Pain

If you haven’t seen BecxBlogs Youtube channel before, we highly recommend adding it to your to-do list. These products were gifted to her from Fay Farm as part of our latest campaign- and Bec tells us her thoughts and whether she would recommend them. More information on the products can be found on her channel here.

Why I Track Fibromyalgia Symptoms

As Melissa rightly states in the intro of her post, looking after our health has the power the impact on our life choices and how we feel overall. Head over and check out her post as she explains how keeping a daily log is beneficial to her life. Full post here. 

If I didn’t have lupus, I probably wouldn’t be blogging

We love reading honest blogs. People blog for many different reasons, but in Hannah’s world, we find out the reason why she began blogging in the first place. The title is a big giveaway but this is a great read. Come and find out how having lupus gave her the motivation and passion for writing and blogging. The post can be found here. 

Everyday Tasks That I Struggle To Do With Chronic Pain

It’s funny really, we don’t realise just how important something is to us until something else prevents us from doing it. With Chronic Pain, simple things like getting your hair cut or watching TV can become obstacles and is something notebooksandglasses.com isn’t afraid to tell us about.  If you have chronic pain, what sort of things do you struggle to do? Read the full post here. 

What is an Arthritis Anchor and Who Are Yours?

The month of May highlighted Arthritis Awareness Month and Youtuber ‘RA and Myself’ took to recording a small piece. She asked her followers who their ‘Top 3 Arthritis Anchors’ are. Got 5 mins spare? Grab a cuppa and sit down with this video. Click here to view.

My 2 Year Anniversary of Being Chronically Ill

We couldn’t not include this blog post in the round up, as Mackenzie Cartwright gives us a truthful account of how Chronic Illness has impacted on her life. We admire the part when she writes ‘The mindset you create by being more positive, is a truly freeing feeling.’ If you do just one thing today, we urge you to give this one a read. Mackenzie’s blog post can be found here. 

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