Today is a guest post by Kelly- who runs As My Joints Turn a blog about life with the autoimmune disease. She was gifted Everyday Optimal’s Fibromyalgia blend and shares her review below. Stay tuned to the end of the post for info on how you can WIN a whole bundle of products yourself.

CBDs seem to be all the rage for people living in chronic pain. I became aware of CBDs about 5 years ago. My dog Georgia lives with a painful neurological condition. Her veterinarian recommended that I look at canine CBDs to help her manage pain better. Using CBDs has helped me to wean her from high levels of pain medication to a smaller, more reasonable dose, thus, being kinder to her kidneys and liver. I admit I was fairly hesitant to try CBDs with my dog, but my veterinarian recommended a product and to my surprise, it worked beautifully. Within two weeks, my dog was calmer, more active, and most importantly not in pain. So I started thinking, should I try it myself?

I asked my doctors and they told me to go for it, but they had no recommendations. I began to investigate options for myself and was instantly overwhelmed. There are so many brands out there! I honestly had no idea where to start. Lucky for me, Everyday Optimal asked me to try their products. I went into this with an open mind and was quite surprised by the results.

First off, what are CBDs??

Well, cannabinoids are a class of compounds found in the cannabis plant. The difference between CBDs and cannabis is that, CBDs do not have a psychoactive component, meaning, it doesn’t make you high. That was one thing I didn’t want. In terms of looking for pain relief or my rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia, I needed something that would not cloud my brain in any way. The company sent me two products to review. A CBD oil tincture (600 mg CBD oil) and Fibromyalgia Relief CBD capsules.

Testing Out The Products

I started with the CBD oil first. I placed a ½ a dropper of oil under my tongue each morning. The flavour is a refreshing mint and there was no nasty aftertaste. I typically have morning stiffness in my back, hip, and shoulders upon waking. I didn’t feel much change after my first dose, so I decided to take a second dose prior to going to bed that evening. The next morning, I woke up with mild stiffness in my back and shoulder again. I took the tincture and within an hour, I was feeling a lot better. I typically take a pain reliever 3 times a day. Once I started this tincture, I cut my need for pain relievers down to twice a day. This was consistent for the two weeks I used the oil.

After two weeks, I decided to trial the Fibromyalgia blend. This blend comes in capsule form, not oil. It does state that it may take more time to build up in your system to be effective, so I took a capsule twice a day. It took about three days to see any effect from the Fibro blend. My shoulders, lower back, and hips continued to ache, but the blend took the edge off of the pain.

The last week of my trial, I decided to try both the CBD tincture and the fibro blend at the same time. All I can say is, “Wow!” When taking this combination, I was able to roll out of bed without extreme stiffness and I walked down my steps in the morning without my hips screaming in pain. It was a total shock to my system to be pain-free. During the last week of my trial, I did develop a bad flare up. My pain and swelling was intense. Using the Everyday Optimal products did help me manage the flare without having to steroids. That in itself is almost a miracle!

I can honestly say, my trial with Everyday Optimal was a success! It’s so amazing to have another tool in my toolbox to help combat pain on not only a daily basis but also during a flare. I have confidence in this product and have no reservations recommending it to others.

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