Here at Chronic Illness Bloggers HQ, we’ve been working on a very exciting collaboration with INGA Wellbeing. makers of practical but comfortable and stylish hospital wear which makes you feel like yourself! You might have spotted some familiar faces in their #ifeelbettwheni campaign….

Yep it’s some of our lovely CIB bloggers; who joined in with the #ifeelbetterwheni movement-a simple but very effective campaign; in which those of us with chronic illness share the little things that make a huge difference to our lives.

If you still want to take part, don’t fret! You can read this post and simply tweet using the hashtag to have the chance WIN an item of clothing of your choice).

Some of our bloggers were lucky enough to receive an item of clothing to test out-and they took them along to iron infusions; chemo appointments and more. To celebrate the campaign: INGA Is offering a huge 50% off all the navy blue versions of their garments; so we thought we’d share our own, completely honest blogger’ss reviews and experiences-and how the beautiful hospital clothing made such a difference to their lives with chronic illness.

The lovely Rachel from Rocking 2 Stomas revealed how she wore her ‘women’s cross-over top‘ (modelled here in pink but the navy blue version is currently half price!)

Living with multiple stomas isn’t easy, but Rachel explains…

“The arms have poppers on so if you have a cannula, PICC line or when you have your blood pressure taken the Healthcare Professionals can easily access this area without rolling your sleeves up or taking your top off. I think my favourite aspect is the inward pocket design for example if you have a drain you could feed this through the hole and place it in the pocket of your top and move around easily! Groundbreaking…I used to have to carry my drain around when I walked around the ward and my vac machine for my incision that wouldn’t heal. If I had this item then I know this would have helped immensely.”

You can read Rachel’s full review here

Vlogger Hannah wore her gorgeous back opening navy blue nightdress (currently 50% off) to her most recent iron infusion-and explains in the video below how it will be a massive help to her future appointments…



Chenaye, from Hospital Princess models the Women’s Longsleeved top here…

She explains…

Attempting to dress with IV lines and feeding tubes is an almost comical process. I cannot simply put my shirts on over my head. I have to step into my clothes because of the IV lines attached to the Hickman line on my chest. Putting clothes on in a typical manner results in line tangles, as well as my IV line coming in close proximity to my feeding tube (which is obviously not ideal for sanitary purposes). 

With accessible side openings, the long-sleeved top by INGA Wellbeing helps bypass the lengthy ordeal of threading my lines through my clothes. There are a series of snapping buttons down the length of the top that is much less cumbersome than fiddling with regular buttons.

 Exterior and interior pockets, contribute to the ingenuity of the design. The exterior pockets are handy for personal items. Drainage bags and IV pumps fit snuggly in the interior pockets, serving as a discreet means of protection.

I’m sure so many can relate to the frustrations of dressing in traditional clothes: the top has so many practical uses! You can read her full review here.

You can also read a few more of our blogger reviews ….

Shireen suffers from endometriosis and Crohn’s and tests out Woman’s long-sleeved top in anticipation for an upcoming hospital trip here.

Jenni took her cross-over top in navy blue (this very one is avaliable at 50% off here) to her recent chemo session and explains how even her nurse was wowed by its design!

The cross over top is ideal if you are hooked up to drips in hospital this ima ge shows me wearing it whilst having chemotherapy

You can read her review here.

We are so proud for all our bloggers doing such a fabulous job at modelling INGA’s gowns (they look like pros-don’t you think?) and are so happy to have found INGA- a brand that is making such a difference to the lives of chronically ill patients. As their tagline states: KEEP YOUR DIGNITY – STAY IN CONTROL – BE CONFIDENT – FEEL LIKE YOU; which pretty much sums up how most of us feel.

Do take a moment to support the bloggers above by checking out and sharing their fantastic reviews and you can grab yourself *50% off all INGA’s midnight blue range* here . The brand ships internationally-so all of our readers can benefit from this bargain!

This is in collaboration with INGA Wellbeing.


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