neurological disorders

Read Between the Lyme
This is a personal journey about living with Chronic Lyme disease.
The Enigma – Wrapped in a DNA Encoded Riddle
Single, empty nester, living with chronic Illness who in 2016 was struck with yet another illness that left the rural Doctors of the small Midwest town she was living stumped. This is her journey through a silent home, a long road trip and clinging to the hope for answers.
The Invisible F
A blog about life with fibromyalgia and depression
The rePurposed Life (LivingFreeWithDisabilities)
Encourage others to live more fully with fun, faith, and hope; share my oil painting; (3) write about my experiences, and encourage others to live more passionately.
Treasures On The Sand
Encouragement for your journey with chronic pain through stories, information, and personal experiences.
Zebra Writes
Thoughts on Chronic Illness/Pain (Hopefully) with a Bit of Humor and Grace